Out of all the houses in Westeros, the Targaryen house is of one of utmost importance. They are ones to begin all the mess that is there in Westeros, if we are being honest here. While Starks have made a name for themselves for being the “good” house, Targaryens have made it because of their complexity. Here are few things you must know about this house.

1. The Targaryens traditionally have purple eyes and silver hair, even though the show didn't stick to the proper eye color

2. The lineage of the Targaryens originated in Old Valyria, where most dragons and dragonlords resided


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3. The doom of Valyria, the cataclysmic event that killed all the dragon lords except Targaryens

4. Aenar Targaryen's daughter, Daenys had a dream that foretold of the doom of Valyria, and they moved to Dragonstone with their family, slaves, and dragons, and became the only survivors

5. Dragons can live for centuries. Balerion “The Black Dread,” Aegon the Conqueror's dragon that was the biggest in known history, lived for around 200 years

6. “Blackfyre” was the Targaryen family sword made of Valyrian steel. When King Aegon IV gave the sword to his bastard son Daemon Waters and then legitimized all of his bastards in his deathbed, Daemon took the name of Blackfyre and made a claim to the throne

7. Targaryens are not immune to fire, despite having a great tolerance towards heat. Daenerys surviving the hatching of her dragons is a miracle, even in GoT world, and in the book her hair was burned away with her clothes

8. The Dance of the Dragons, a war between Rhenyra Targaryen and her half brother Aegon II for the throne, killed most of the dragons of Kings Landing

9. Maegor Targaryen completed the building of the Red Keep, and true to his moniker, “The Cruel”, he killed all of the architects and builders so that only Targaryen bloodline knew the secret passageways of the place