Planning is quintessential for success. Without aiming it you cannot achieve it. There are many small and large merchants that do not get into strategizing their digital marketing moves. This is not recommendable for monumental success. It takes structured planning to reach the desired results in digital marketing. So is there any practical framework that can be best utilized for improving your digital marketing? RACE is the ultimate mechanism carefully streamlined to help businesses evolve and implement digital marketing techniques.
RACE encompasses all the stages of customer life-cycle. Prior to take these steps namely reach, act, convert and engage, planning needs to be done. So it is famously known as RACE planning. In depth understanding of these 4 steps will help you understand the system and its importance for your business.
‘R’- reach: It involves the steps taken and the efforts driven towards establishing the business, creating brand awareness and crafting impression of your existence in market. Attract traffic to your main site, micro site and social pages by publishing on other sites or offline media.
‘A’- act: It stands for interact. When you bring traffic to your website, it becomes vital to convey your customers the products, benefits by making them read your blogs, searching out a particular product on your site. It is difficult to generate leads for online marketers. You have to encourage participation of your customers to hold their attention.
‘C’- convert: Conversion is most important as it is a sale. You have to persuade your target audience into customers who pay for your products and services.
‘E’- engage: Customer relationship management is quite significant. Engage your customers to earn their loyalty. Retention marketing is totally dependent on this, value your customers, and work on their dissonances, then only you will be able to get repeat business.
Most importantly merchants make a deal only after understanding their benefits. Why would you even count on RACE planning is significant to know. Where it is easy to manage the marketing strategies, it also acts as a tool to prioritize one over other. RACE does not allow you to limit digital marketing to your website only. It is all about engaging your customers interact with them, take their feedback. RACE on each level reminds you of taking social media favorable decisions. RACE is neither traditional nor modern, instead it is integrated. Initially it uses traditional aspects to reach and act with target audience. At advanced levels, a business needs to interact with customer representatives switching to the modern side.
Employing RACE will make sure that you are ahead of your competition by managing and improving results from your digital marketing techniques to ultimately derive more commercial value.