If you are suffering from any type of bloating, unexplained lumps in your throat, coughing and more, The Acid Watcher Diet might just be the book with answers.

The Acid Watcher Diet

Book Review

The Acid Watcher Diet starts off with an explanation of what GERD and Acid Reflux really is. From reading the first few pages alone, I did not realize how much of an effect our stomach acid can have on our bodies. Even the smallest of symptoms left unnoticed can lead to major effects later in life. This is scary but true.

After reading the introduction, eating any food with acid might sound a bit scary, but this book helps. The beginning of the book is a detailed introduction of what acid is and what you might look for to see if you are having any possible acid issues. After that, it is time to start the 28-day detox. In addition to sharing recipes and foods that contain acid, this book has a bonus. The Acid Watcher Diet is filled with recipes. If you are ready to lessen your acidic intake, having recipes from day one will make going on the diet super easy.

According to The Acid Watcher Diet, after the healing phase is completed, it is time to slowly introduce new foods into your body. Rather than being left in the dark, this book gives the reader charts, diagrams, and more recipes so you can really see success.


When reading, The Acid Watcher Diet, read it slowly. Take time to go through the book slowly. To do the diet correctly, make the changes slowly when you understand it fully. This will be better for your body and digestive tract.

Bottom Line

A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with a digestive issue. Nothing to do with reflux but I did need some dietary changes. After starting to read The Acid Watcher Diet, I now see how acid can really affect the body. As my Dr. put me on a similar diet and I have already seen the changes, I can honestly say there is something to eating low-acid foods.


I am not a doctor. Jonathan Aviv is not your doctor. If you are having any issues go seek your doctor. Go to a specialist if you need. This book is a guide to help set your digestive tract on the right path as long as your Dr. agrees with it.

I received a copy of The Acid Watcher Diet in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.