Ad blocking is one of the most discussed topics in digital marketing today! Did you know that number of people using ad blocking software is expected to reach 86.6 million by 2017 in the United States which means that about 32% of internet users are going to use ad blocking?

Ad blocking can be defined in simple words as the use of apps, plugins or browser extensions to block ads on web pages. Users mostly dislike pop-up ads, video ads, and mobile ads and out of five persons, at least one person uses an ad blocker. Ad blocking is not something new, it is commonly used in computers and laptops and now also on smartphones. Apple has also added Ad blockers in iOS 9 which lets users browse the web at a faster rate without ads.


Ad blocking is costing a loss of billions of dollars in revenue to digital publishers and marketers whose business depends on ads.

Why people use Adblocking Software?

Ad blocking software not only blocks intrusive ads but it also improves your web browsing experience. Ad blocking software speeds up the web page by preventing loading of third-party analytics, plug-ins and helps in privacy by preventing third-party tracking.

One of the most popular and downloaded browser extension to block ads is Adblock Plus with more than 100 million active users. The browser extension can not only block ads but also social media share buttons which are required for creating a marketing campaign.

How To Install Ad blockers On iPhone, iPad

Download Ad Blockers like Crystal or Adblock Plus app from the App Store on your iPhone, iPad.

Launch the Settings app.

Go to Safari >> Content Blockers.

Set Adblock Plus or Crystal to ON.

Marketing in the age of Ad block

There are a number of ways which you can use to market in the age of ad block. One of the most important thing which marketers and publishers can do is to create compelling content which will make users watch your ad and not block them. You need to create adverts which are entertaining and enjoyable, ad blockers are most used by younger generation hence publishers can ask feedbacks on products and how to improve it further. Publishers and digital marketers can target ads on mobile apps as Ad blockers cannot be installed on mobile apps. Ask users to uninstall their ad-blocker or whitelist your domain on the software, sites like Forbes asks users to uninstall ad blockers and oblige them an “ad light” experience of the Forbes site for 30 days.

Ad blocking is a real danger to the digital marketers and publishers, they need to rethink their strategies to reach the target audience in 2017.