She Kept Bedbug From "Sleeping Tight" 
Child in Book I

This picture from one of our illustrators was too cute not to share. This precious little scamp was a couple of years older than this when she appeared as the child who prevented Bedbug from sleeping in book I.

In The Bedbug Who Wouldn't Bite, she was used as the subject for the photo-illustrations. She engaged in bedtime delaying tactics--wiggles, giggles, and shenanigans--and I think you'll agree, she was the perfect child to keep Bedbug from "sleeping tight."

She held out a book to Bedbug and was told:

"You'll be sorry if you ask for a story 
'Cause I'll just turn out the light..."

 She next jumped on the bed that Bedbug was curled on!

She asked Bedbug to fetch her a drink, and he told her, "For a bug that wouldn't be right."

Bedbug knew what would happen if he, a tiny bug, tried to juggle a glass full of water.

She next rattled her toys and made a horrible noise, and gave poor Bedbug a terrible fright.

You can see who was the real "pest" here.

She asked Bedbug for a snack. He knew that just like the water, to carry a snack upon his back would result in disaster.

And she was seen again towards the end of the story, when Bedbug said:

"Now, don't you wiggle
And please don't giggle,
Or you'll keep me awake tonight..."