By Chhaly Samsokrith

 In the modern world of entertainment, and in the country of anime and video game enthusiastic lives a princess who contributes highly to the art of cosplay. Filipino's Alodia Gosiengfiao has found herself in this area of attention since 2003 when she was awarded 3rd place in an event known as C3 Convention [1]. Her fame rose gradually since and she has been featuring in magazines, events, and books.
Here is the list of her awards:
2003 Culture Crash Comics Convention Magic Gunner Rikku of Final Fantasy X-2 3rd Place and People’s Choice
2004 Ragnarok Online World Championships Isis of Ragnarok Online Alberta Craftsmanship Award
2004 3rd Philippine Toys and Hobbies Collection Convention Chii of Chobits 3rd Place
2005 Anime Explosion Creature Pink of Gunbound Online 1st Place, Best Props and Most Innovative Awards
2006 5th Philippine Toys and Hobbies Collection Convention Alexiel of Angel Sanctuary Best Group
2006 National Cosplay Competition Arua of Rose Online Online Voting Winner
As a youth, Alodia put her interest in arts, anime, piano and video games. During that time, she got involved in many school's art competition and earned quite a reputation. She also got involved in online fan forum known as Anime Club where she met many other people who shared the same interests. In 2003, due to enormous supports from her forum's friend, she made a decision to participate in the cosplay competition C3 Convention where she posted as Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2 along with her sister, Ashley as Yuna from the same game. Later, she gained more attention with her appearance as various characters of different franchises.
Due to her fame, she is invited to be a judge in many cosplay competitions. In 2009, she was named FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World [3]. Currently, she is a spokeperson for CSCENTRL, continues her habits in participating in many cosplay events and often featuring in many teen magazines. Her reputation is worldly recognized.
To Filipino, and Cosplay fans, she is a symbol of creativity and enthusiasm.  Her background with arts coupled with her passion in anime, video games and other creative media franchises has led her to contribute to the rise of Cosplaying activities in Philippine. At the time she started cosplaying, there have been already much interests in that. In recent years, cosplaying in Philippine has been intensifying. Even people who do not cosplaying, they also know her name, such is a great contribution to Cosplaying.
Trivia [4]:
The name Alodia is an ancient kingdom located between Africa and Egypt.
The nickname "Edjie" comes from a combination of her parents' nicknames.
Alodia used to live in Balete Drive, a street that is very popular due to rumors that it is constantly haunted by a white lady.
The name "Alodia Almira" means "Princess of Love".
Alodia plays the keyboards in her bands, Tutuband and The Bestidas.

Alodia Gosiengfiao hosting with Luis Manzano at the TV show “LOL: Laugh Out Loud

As a child, one of the earliest anime series Alodia was exposed to was Pokemon.
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