"Some people spend a lifetime to find their true love.
Others spend a lifetime to find the truth in their love..." - Trippy.


I picked up my second book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie with great enthusiasm. The first book that I read by her was 'Half of a Yellow Sun'. It was a stunning story about the Biafran war through the eyes of the intricately carved characters of Olanna, Ugwu, and Richard. After reading the first page of the first book, I fell in love with Adichie. After reading the second book, my love for Adichie has grown many folds!

Americanah is a story of the American dream, the Nigerian war, the racism that exists in so many different forms around us, and the love and hate that exists in so many forms inside us. The story weaves through the lives of Obinze and Ifemelu taking us through the hardships that one can endure and the compromises that one might have to face in one's life. Together, both of them dream of America in their own ways. Finally, when they reach America, they are so far apart that they don't even feel each other's presence. Always yearning for the other's support, they scramble and somehow survive. Living the dream changes them. So much so that they can't recognize each other in their own shadows. 

However, all changes when they come back to their real life - Nigeria. The story is about change and an undying love that changes only to grow wilder, stronger and more beautiful. The story is about ugliness and the beauty of life. Adichie pours her heart out in the book. Her style of writing has an underlying innocence and simplicity. This book is not meant to be just read, it is meant to build a connection with Adichie. It opens up a portal between the reader and the author. It leaves us with just 2 options - whether we want to open our hearts or not.