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Over the last few years, I’ve been publishing detailed travel guides to six of my favorite cities around the world — NYC, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Paris, and Hong Kong.

These digital guides represent my philosophy on what guidebooks should be: straight to the point, highlighting budget activities and ways to save money while sharing some history, practicalities and cost information, unique and non-touristy places to eat and drink, and suggested itineraries. They are meant for the intrepid budget traveler looking to get off the beaten path. They remove the impractical fluff I see in print guidebooks and are a culmination of eight years in the travel industry and talking to thousands of travelers about what they like and don’t like about guidebooks.

Today, with great pride, I’m releasing this year’s editions of each of my city guides and announcing TWO NEW guides for Thailand and The Virgin Islands!

I’m super excited to finally offer a country guide to Thailand. You’ve been asking me to make one for years, and my visit last winter allowed me to put the finishing touches on it by finally visiting Thailand’s Isaan region.

I’m very proud of these editions and they include major improvements from the last one. All these books have updated practical information like prices, timetables, addresses, currency exchanges, etc. — the stuff you expect from a new edition of any guidebook – as well as a few new sections added:

  • Suggested day trips
  • Information on how to get a local phone / SIM card
  • Family-friendly hostels
  • More off-the-beaten-path activities
  • Maps!

Every year, these guides get bigger, more detailed, and more robust based on your feedback from earlier editions! Besides these new sections, you’ll still find all the essential information you need to have an rich and authentic experience on your trip, including:

  • In-depth ways to save money
  • Suggested budgets
  • Suggested itineraries
  • Things to do and see (with a focus on budget and offbeat attractions)
  • MORE nightlife options
  • Practicalities (business hours, transportation, emergency information, visa guidelines, best times to go, etc.)
  • MORE places to eat on a budget
  • MORE places to sleep
  • An expanded history section
  • Related book and movie suggestions

Each guide is $6.99 USD, except the Thailand guide which is $9.99 USD. They are available for your Kindle or as a PDF. Once you download it, it’s yours for life.

Here are the guides:

Kindle | PDF Kindle | PDF Kindle | PDF
Kindle | PDF Kindle | PDF nomadic matt's guide to hong kongKindle | PDF
nomadic matt's guide to hong kongPDF nomadic matt's guide to hong kongPDF

While I have a lot of information on each of these places on the blog, these guides go into a level of detail and include added tips, advice, itineraries, practical information, visa information, and other resources that I don’t talk about on this website.

I’m excited about the expanded Nomadic Matt guidebook series. My hope is to cover about 10-20 destinations by the end of next year, produce hard copies, and invite other destination experts to write on other destinations!

– Nomadic Matt