Psalms 116:8 “For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling.”
Another Year…
Another year has passed us by
We’re told to laugh and never cry
Sometimes our eyes don’t know why
A tear rolls down our cheek.
Another year has come and gone
Often struggle to face the dawn
Too many days I just hold on
A tear leaks from my eye.
Another year with all I’ve lost
My family torn it’s what it cost
Memories of the miles I crossed
The tears they never stop.
Another year with Christmas day
Without you here the price I pay
Our lives enhanced is what I say
The tears begin to stop.
Another year in which I fight
To know if what I did was right
And when I see the star filled night
The tears all wash away.

A note from the author:

For forty years I've written my mother and father birthday and holiday cards. This is one to my mother this Christmas. After my dad passed away last year, the tears flow more easily but I am healing, my mother, not so much, she's lost the love of her life and no words, (not even my poems) can take the pain away. 

Think of people who are alone this Christmas without their lifelong spouses, or lost children. 
Christmas is NOT a MERRY time for ALL. 

God Bless one and all!