I was compiling a list of reasons for an entry called : "Why Arab Men Marry Foreign Women" and a friend who had previously been married to a foreign women told me that a main reason is because Arab women smell. He said that he had never been with an Arab girl who did  not a have a smell, and he said that Jordanian and Palestinian women especially fell under this category and that is was ironic that Palestinians and Jordanian women think that they are the cleanest people but they are not. He also said that the women he knew were all from families with a high social status, but they still stunk.

Moroccan girls were an exception for him as he said that all the Moroccan women he came across were clean and that they were the cleanest of all Arab women.

I do not know how true his judgments are though as a Tunisian friend of mine told me that Moroccans smell bad and that most Tunisians would agree to that.

Personally, I do not think any person smells exactly the same as another, and people do not smell the same according to what country they are from; therefore, when somebody tells me that a whole people smell , I just take it as a stereotype that a person has either formed or inherited from their culture.

I think it is unacceptable to stereotype against people according to where they are from because every individual is unique and is not a part of a herd of sheep.