Snocapped Airain Rock

ArcheAge, a very successful free-to-play sandbox MMORPG published by Trion Worlds, launched its largest expansion today, December 10, at 15:00 UTC. The new expansion — Revelation — will give ArcheAge players the opportunity to further shape and expand the world of Erenor like never before with the introduction of the new Dwarf and Warborn races that can transform themselves and access special powers and abilities.

ArcheAge: Revelation also comes with five new environments, ready for exploration and discovery, like the snowcapped Airain Rock and the arid, desolate terrain of the Sunbite Wilds. Fresh Start servers will also open to welcome newcomers and for veterans who wants to start fresh.

Revelation will also introduce the new Abyssal Skill System which will allow deeper skill customisation making characters even more uniquely built for the player’s play style, and the most powerful abilities in the game can now be attained by those who reach the max level of 55.

“Revelation offers current, former, and new players the very best ArcheAge experience ever,” said Merv Lee Kwai, the game’s Executive Producer. “From a wealth of new content including all-new playable races, to entirely new systems such as the Abyssal Skills, players of all kinds will find a lot to like in Revelation. Combine that with Frest Start servers that give every player an equal opportunity to stake their claim to prime in-game real estate, and this is truly the most exciting time to be an ArcheAge player.”

A sandbox MMORPG is not complete with player housing. New zones are available for open-world player housing, complete with regional trade goods. Stake your claim and build your dream properties.

It does not end there, a true sandbox MMORPG gives players more control and in ArcheAge 3.0: Revelation expect community enhancements in the form of ‘mini-guilds’ with its own benefits and activities. This improved family system adds more structure to small group play. Residents of the southern continent can work with their neighbors to enhance structures in their zone and gain rewards for contributing to that zone’s progress.

Of course there will be new items, new gears, new mounts, new crafting recipes, combat pets, and much more in this expansion.

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