T-shirts are practically everyone’s solace when we can’t decide what to wear, be it, men or women. They are good for any casual occasion.
The comfort, the look a tee brings us is still unbeatable. Printed t-shirts are bae for people. But do you know there are different types of printed t-shirts?
Yes, even our favorite printed t-shirts have types, so common and casual looking tees have many types.
Like the typographic t-shirts, these tend to be “message” or “slogan” t-shirts. These don’t have any element other than text, which can be an alphabet or text or a simple line.
The photographic or the hyper-realistic t-shirts can create a big impact if printed properly. A hyper-realistic image or an illustration can draw attention and deliver a message without any words. Images for this T-shirts can vary from an animal’s pic, a persons or even of nature.
Illustrated tees are very versatile in designs and these even add complexity to the production process. Illustrations can be for kids, minimal, hyper-realistic and anything you can imagine.
The in between of illustrated tees and typographic tees are the graphic t-shirts as they are not as complex as the former and not as simple as the latter. These are kind of a mixture of both of these t-shirts.
Abstract tees are t-shirts having abstract art on it. Just as the word abstract means having no recognizable feature in it abstract t-shirts are the same having no recognizable feature.
There are even t-shirts made for the sole purpose of promoting a brand or a company the branded t-shirts. In these, the focus is only on the logo which should not be blotchy or having a wrong Pantone color.
Have fun knowing which type printed t-shirts are your favorite!