The front of the building is pretty much finished. It looks totally different than it did a little over a week ago. At first, I though I wouldn't like it, cause I love the way ivy covered buildings look. But my realtor and contractor/maintenance person finally talked me into pulling it all down. It was actually ruining my building.

The process had been somewhat arduous, but we've gotten through the worst of it, even while continuing business in the bed and breakfast as usual. My guests have been wonderful about it. In fact, many of them were totally interested in the whole project. And, everyone seems to like the finished least the part that's finished. Here's a picture of the facade taken on the day it was finally done.

No more ivy
They're working on the sides now, scraping and painting the *soffits and the around the windows. It has taken nearly two weeks of pounding, scraping, loud music, and workers in and out of my yards and house to do this much. Needless to say, I'm a little on edge...but trying to just go with the flow. The final project will be the back wall off the deck. It has to be completely tuck-pointed and all the soffits and windows done. I'll post more pictures then.

Soffit (from French: soffite, formed as a ceiling; directly from suffictus for suffixus, Latin: suffigere, to fix underneath), in architecture, describes the underside of any construction element. Examples of soffits include:
The underside of an arch or architrave (whether supported by piers or columns),

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