It is very common for the humans to neglect taking care of their appliances till the end, until it starts giving them problems. Routinely check and maintenance is very important for the smooth working of the appliance and to keep it running. Its importance is felt when we lose it or especially when the summer arrives and you can’t spend a single day without the Air Conditioner.
Here are some tips that can help you in maintaining you air condition and save your money. This can easily be followed without the help of a technician. The Tips to Maintain Your Air Conditioner are:
  • Change the filters of your air conditioner after every 3-4 months. It is very important step. You can also fix the new filter at the start of every summer. If you live in a windy area or have allergies, it is better to change it more often.
  • It is good if you spend extra money and buy the pleated filters, which are better than the cheap fiberglass filters, which doesn’t work much for the air- condition and instead damage the system.
  • Check your air conditioner regularly. Check if it is cooling perfectly. You can do that by comparing the air going in the vent with the air coming out in return. Mostly there is the temperature difference of 15-19 degrees between the two.
  • If the temperature difference is higher, it might be caused by something stuck in the air filter. If the temperature is low, it might be the cause of problem in low Freon. The inefficient AC uses a high rate of electricity, resulting in high electric bills.
  • Set the temperature of the thermostat on normal. If it is turned down, it will not help in cooling the room faster; instead it will only use extra energy.
  • If there is dust or if there is some renovation at your home, cover you air vents to save the ductwork. It will prevent the dust particles to enter the ductwork and getting clogged.
  • Make sure that you duct works are not leaking. Otherwise all the cold air will leak out and won’t cool the room. You must use the metal duct works instead of the flexible as they last longer and are durable. A leak in the metal ductwork can be covered with the duct-tape.
  • Wrap the insulation which is around your ducts. Use the one with the foil, as the plastic one gets damaged easily.
  • Clean the outside part of your unit as mostly the dirt and debris gets clogged there. It can block the air-flow.
  • You should protect the outside unit to keep it out of the sight.
These are some of the ways to keep your air-conditioner in good condition. If followed regularly, you can save your money from repairing it.