Architects Semarang Presents Traditional Design Contemporary

Design traditional home in Semarang is kind Joglo as in Yogyakarta. But this time joglo in this area has been very hard to find, perhaps only a few houses away. This is what makes the architect Semarang encouraged to make use of modern traditional design joglo design combined with kontamporer design. It aims to Semarang society still preserve traditional house typical of the area but they can get modern design and not past era.

The combination of Joglo And Contemporary Design

Architects Semarang apply joglo design with a contemporary design by making one design as the primary design and one of them only as an additional design. The main house or the interior part can be made full use of contemporary design that is simple and minimalist.

Barriers in the room will be reduced so that a more open space. On one of the walls are also made of glass to facilitate solar light. Colors used more in neutral colors and pastels such as white, gray, peach and others.

As for the design joglo placed on the front which makes the front porch shaped joglo use pillar or 4 poles. The front of the wall need not be given so that the atmosphere is more open. Its function is as a place to entertain guests or as a family gathering place.

When viewed as a whole, the design architect Semarang artificial results will look very unique and beautiful. There are two traditional and modern elements that are presented in a single dwelling. The use of contemporary design can be replaced with other types of design according to taste owners. Placement joglo design can also be placed at the core of the house, the back, the front or the roof alone.

Architects ability Semarang The Trusted

In order to get the traditional contemporary design as above, entrust your home project in Semarang architects who have competence in the field. Let all be made as good as possible, you just need to thank so. If you have an opinion you could be part of their discussion partner. With the services of architects Semarang then you will get the shelter really special that does not leave the customs and culture of the area you are from.