Laga Handbags |The Art of Embroidery

In today’s mass produced world, hand-crafted embroidery stands out as an elegant example of fine fashion. There is a uniqueness about handbags and other items which have been painstakingly designed using these techniques. Though this art form has become popular today, the history of the stitching used to transform everyday items and colored thread into intricate patterns and depictions on fabric is ages old. Throughout many cultures, embroidery was used to tell a story, relay a cultural relevance, and simply beautify everyday essentials.
At Laga Handbags, all purses, wallets, and accessories are hand stitched with the attention to detail and focus of passion that makes each item a beautiful, one-of-a-kind treasure.

The Craft of Embroidery Through Time

Embroidery has been used in a number of different ways. Stitching and patching fabric using this method improved the design but it also made the fabric stronger. Examples of stitched materials can be found from ancient times, as far back as the 5th Century BC, and embroidery has found favor in every type of culture. The elite class might have clothing and shoes embroidered with fine detail. This intricate work served the dual purpose of being beautiful and showing status. Embroidery was also used in historical records. The Bayou Tapestry, for example, is a depiction of The Battle of Hastings and serves as an ancestral record for those whose direct line fought in the battle under William the Conqueror.

The Art of Stitching

There are several types of embroidery stitches used to create designs in fabric. Cross Stitch or counted cross stitch is one popular type of craft today – the embroiderer follows a set pattern to create the image on the fabric. Cross stitch of this type has been popular for hundreds of years, finding use in such items as handkerchief embellishing and wall hangings. Back stitches, long stitches, and running stitches are all used to create the depiction while reinforcing the fabric itself. Ancient embroidery was carried out by hand, using special skill and attention to detail. Today, many designs are made using embroidery sewing machines as well as hand work. The attention to detail and focus on skill is still an extraordinary talent.

Laga Handbags – Carrying Tradition Forward

At Laga Handbags, our wonderful staff of expert embroiderers takes a great deal of care with each item they create. Handbags, purses, and other accessories are painstakingly designed, with each stitch individually placed. Patterns and colors are unique and gorgeous. Customers get a truly original design that they won’t find replicated on a store shelf or available all over the world. The embroiderers at Laga use treadle sewing machines to execute their fine designs. This means that they use a man-powered machine without electricity, offering them more control over the speed and pace of stitching and more care in the design.
One of the best advantages of the handbags available through Laga is that each woman creating these pieces is crafting them by hand and benefiting from your purchase. You’re getting a one of a kind artistic expression of brilliance while giving sustainable income to a woman across the world who needs the support.
If you’re interested in supporting the lovely artwork available through Laga Handbags, visit us today and see how our beautiful accessories can enhance your life.