Adam Waring is training to be the first Australian Ninja Warrior and the first Australian to compete on the TV show American Ninja Warrior. Currently, he is travelling around America getting tips and tricks from Ninja Trainers, Rock Climbers and Parkour experts to bring that knowledge back to Australia. We have conducted an interview with Adam.

Which has been the scariest parkour moments you have ever encountered?

I've had a few scary parkour moments... and it's funny, but the times when things go wrong are the times when you totally doubt yourself and hesitate. I've made some massive jumps that have gone really well, and then some little jumps where I've really hurt myself. Actually, right this very second my big toe is in crazy pain because of a fall between obstacles. Between! So ridiculous. I recently learned how to do the Warped Wall which is a famous obstacle on all the Ninja Warrior TV shows. It was actually really, really daunting and took me about 4 shots to even come close to the top. Once I got the technique down though, I started to easily clear it on every attempt. The technique is everything!

When did you start to be interested in parkour and rock climbing?

I only started Rock Climbing and Parkour in October of 2015 once I decided to start training for American Ninja Warrior. The toughness, forearm muscles and grip strength from rock climbing along with the balance, agility and leaping techniques are all essential in my quest to tackle Ninja Warrior obstacle courses. I honestly love both Rock Climbing and Parkour though, they are so fun and I have a huge amount of respect for experts in both sports.
I really want to be so much better at both disciplines, I see the really good guys and girls and I get jealous every time. I want to be able to do what they do, but unfortunately slow and steady is the only way forward… rushing in like I usually do only gets you injured.

How long have you been training to be the first Australian Ninja Warrior?

I’ve actually been waiting for Australian Ninja Warrior for the better part of a decade. In June 2015, my partner and I got sick of waiting and moved to America so I could train and compete in American Ninja Warrior… and of course, 5 months later, Australian Ninja Warrior was announced. So, now my goals have changed and I’m looking to bounce between the two continents and compete on both shows. I’ve loved every single minute of every season of the television show American Ninja Warrior so I just can’t leave this amazing country until I get to run the course.

What is your training hours per week like?

I’ve recently had to be a lot smarter about my training recently. I was previously training twice a day, seven days a week, and my body was never getting a chance to recover. It’s hard, because there are so many areas to try and master for Ninja Warrior. You never know what skills will be needed on the course you’re going to run, so you need to be good at everything. For someone as new as me who doesn’t have a background in any sport, let alone parkour, rock climbing or gymnastics, that leaves a huge amount to learn and practise.
I’m now training hardcore 4 days a week with 3 rest days. Basically two days training, one day off, two days training, two days off. This new routine is really working for me… knowing I have two days off pushes me to train harder.

What is your next immediate goal? In your opinion, which are the most important exercises to reach your goal?

My most immediate goal is to produce a video good enough to get through the application process of Australian Ninja Warrior. The deadline for applications is Sept 9th 2017, which is daunting because there are still a whole heap of skills I want to learn to showcase in my video. I think the producers and casting team will be primarily looking for competitors who move easily through the air, athletes who can traverse and move their hanging body using only their hands and arms. I’m only guessing though, I honestly have no idea how different Australian Ninja Warrior will be from American Ninja Warrior, Ninja Warrior UK, Ninja Warrior Sweden or the original Sasuke. Definitely exciting times ahead though!