It has been over two weeks since the BIG earthquake that changed Japan forever.  To know more see my other blog

We have just moved house and are trying to get back to "normal" life, but it seems surreal.  Everything has changed, our home, our things, our entire situation seems to be completely different from two weeks ago.  We went to the park a few times and that helped ground fears and gave the children a chance to be themselves. 

Fear is hard on parents but even harder on children.  When our children see mommy and daddy rushing to get everybody huddled into a safe place for the next aftershock they see the reality that mommy and daddy are not in control and that we can be afraid too.

A lot of children can have trauma from an event like this.  We are praying that our children will not be affected in such a way.  We are doing our best to be safe, but also to try and get into a rhythm of life that is healthy again.  Having to ration food and water is not fun with children who do not understand why they have to save food for later when they are hungry now.

Let us hope for things to settle and for peace to return in the coming days and weeks.