I can't believe school break is over and  the new school year kicked in already.  My son wasn't very thrilled in going back to school but my daughter is.  This school year, my son wants to eat school lunch on Fridays only but my daughter only picked one lunch for the month of September. That means, I will have to  prepare lunches  almost everyday for these two but  that's fine with me because I enjoy doing it for them.   

 I am glad that aside from fruits and veggies, there is a  variety of gluten-free snacks that I can pack for them for school.  I personally like the crispy cookie thins that  Glutino have. They have  different flavors too including chocolate chips, cranberry orange and double chocolate chips.

 My daughter and husband's preference  is the chocolate vanilla creme.  They are delicious!  They siad that it is better than Oreos.

 Their crackers are really good too.  I love  eating it with soup. they are  delicious.  The rosemary and oilve oil chips are great with salsa.  Yum!

 The toaster pastry doesn't last very long at my pantry because  that is my son's favorite snack after school.    He told me to buy more so he could have it in his lunch bag.

 The back to school gluten-free goodies  helps me  pack healthy  snacks for my kiddos.

 We had our friend's daughter for two days this week as there is no bus and her parents are at work so I picked her up with my kids.  Aside from  playing games, I also engage them in baking so the brownie mix from Glutino was perfect.

 My daughter showed "Bumble Bee" how to make  brownie.  I used to baby sit her when she was a baby, I can't believe she is now in first grade, time really flies!

 She was really excited to bake with my daughter as  she said, she is not allowed to bake at their house hehehe.

 After doing their homework and playing games, the brownies are perfect for  snacks.

 This is my  children's lunches for today.  My daughter  is very independent  so she packed her own lunch last MOnday but I told her  that she doesn't have to wake up early just o that because I can do it.  Glad she agreed.

My kids are not really fond of pretzels for snack so I told them that they can bring these two bags to their teacher.  Their teacher sent a  thak you note when hey returned home yesterday.  

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