The museum closed for the Christmas break today.  Nothing happening until Jan 3rd, how lovely for us all.  Having Christmas at the weekend does make things easier all round.  Maybe it ought to be a movable feast, er how would that work?  
I noticed the shops crowded with desperate people today, I will join them in the morning as the bread has run out.  Whenever I have bought sufficient to feed an army I miss out on something important, this time it's bread!  Bah!
Now outside of the shops the world quietens down somewhat as the Christmas and New Year takes over. The media forced to work will be desperate for real news somewhere, anywhere and longing for a terrorist outrage or a freak happening to fill the hours of news programmes they must fill.  If they have no news they must repeat everything constantly and talk about the traffic problems, the weather or happy folks opening presents.  How lovely for them when they would rather watch the rubbish films on offer.  
I checked the upcoming TV the other day and found it woeful.  There was little that caught the eye and knowing how my life is lived what little I wish to see/hear I will probably forget all about and miss anyway.  My joy will be complete!

A family gathering from the distant past, it's their cheeriness I find hard to take.