This year has been off to a rough start.  Did anyone hear about that home that exploded and obliterated to bits in Oklahoma City?  Yeah, that was in my neighborhood.

My house had some damage but nothing that kept it from being livable.  We still have a home, when others lost everything.  We’re very blessed to be healthy and safe when others suffered more trauma.

I’m not going to lie!  It was the scariest thing I’ve experienced in a very long time.  The sound was deafening and my whole house shook.  It felt like it lifted from the foundation, twisted, and came crashing down.  Honestly, I thought a plane had crashed near or on my home.Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 3.31.41 PM

To date, we’re getting a few fixes completed and getting ready to move.  Thankfully, our damage was very minor in the scope of things.  Some of the neighbors on that street lost everything, and the man who was sleeping in that home when it exploded lost all but his life.  That house was blown to bits.  My home was covered with his shingles, insulation, and bits or particles from the structure.

After all the repairs have been completed, which are mostly cosmetic, I’m listing this baby and leaving my hood.  It’s been a long fifteen years here
when we thought it would be less than five in our little fixer upper.  Well, it’s now being fixed up to the point where it’s time to go.

So over the next couple of months, I’m packing it up box by box to place in storage so that when it comes time to list it this Spring – it will have less clutter and more class.  We’ve outgrown our home and are bursting at the seams with ‘stuff’.

This explosion – although horrible – has given us the kick in the pants we needed to make a change.  It’s long overdue.  And while I’ll be sad to leave the only home my kid has known, I’m looking forward to something that has been recently built versus the older run down hood that I’m in.

Your prayers would be appreciated as we navigate through this mess.


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