Together with my hubby, we flew to Bangkok for a short getaway recently. Our Bangkok trip was booked months ago, we were going to attend the 70th anniversary celebration of Thailand Hainan Tan clan. The celebratory dinner was cancelled when Thailand's late King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away on 13 October 2016 in Bangkok. Since we could not get a refund for our air tickets and accommodation, we decided to go ahead with our trip.

Taking the earliest morning flight out of Singapore, we arrived in Bangkok before 10 am. Feeling famished, we decided to have our breakfast in the city - in Terminal 21 Shopping Mall near our place of accommodation.

Delighted to find our favourite Santa Fe Steak House restaurant opened at 10 am on a Saturday. We ordered their promotion sets of Grilled Chicken Chop and Kurobuta Pork Chop Steak that came with soup and salad. This breakfast cost us less than S$16 (394 baht).

The basement level of Terminal 21 Shopping Mall is having a Thailand Food Fair, delighted to find lots of Thai food. We bought some snacks before checking into our hotel.

Contacted a Thai friend who came to bring us to pay tribute to His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol. The considerate guy brought us some black ribbons which is an acceptable way to mourn in lieu of black clothing.

Thailand is in an official period of mourning, it enters a year-long mourning period. To show respect for the feelings and sensitivities of the Thai people, we followed the mourning protocol and prepared sombre-coloured attire to wear in public places.

Next we went to Erawan Shrine to give offerings because it was four-faced Buddha's birthday week. There was also low key celebration for the famous shrine although many devotees came specially to celebrate the annual festival.

Our friend had to attend a function so we went for dinner by ourselves. We were attracted by this eatery's promo banner and ordered some dishes. Pleased with my order of delicious Pork Belly fried with bacon bits and basil, shared the appetising Grouper Soup and noodle with hubby. The deep fried chive dumplings' (65 baht) skin was thin and crispy, but hubby was not impressed with the filling. He finds it smelly. haha.....

Hot chrysanthemum tea for two was 100 baht, notice the distinct yellow colour compared to the very pale yellow chrysanthemum tea in Singapore? This dinner cost us 637 baht, includes 10% service charge (S$25.50).

After dinner, we used the Skywalk to get to Mahboonkong Shopping Mall (MBK) we brought some red bean cakes from Singapore for a friend Mr Soh who opens a gem stone jewellery shop there.

He was busy with a customer, so we gave him the cakes. In return, he gave us a box of yam cakes from Taiwan and gave me a good discount for a pair of jade ear-rings. We thanked him and took our leave.

本来我与先生去曼谷参加泰国海南陈氏公会70周年庆典, 但因泰王蒲眉蓬辞世而取消。这让我有更多时间拜访泰国的朋友, 还见了我的同乡长辈们和泰国学生们。这次还能挤出一点时间逛逛曼谷的名胜。

泰国国王蒲美蓬辞世, 我们前往悼念。在泰国的国丧期间, 为了尊重泰国的文化, 我们外出时尽量穿黑白或深色的衣服,以表哀悼。曼谷的购物中心和各个夜市,都正常接待游客。我们注意自己的言行,更避免谈论王室任何事务,以免惹祸上身。

每年11月9日就是四面佛神诞的大日子, 祈福还神的场面十分热闹。今年四面佛神诞仪式放低调, 先生与善信们到来诚心敬拜。

Terminal 21 购物中心地下层举行泰国美食展, 这些地道的泰式佳肴吸引了我驻足欣赏品尝, 让我惊喜连连。有几样泰国小吃给我留下难忘记忆。很可惜我怕行李超重, 不敢买太多, 回国后很后悔买太少! 呜呜 。。。

在Terminal 21 购物中心地下层的Santa Fe Steak House是连锁平价牛排店, 有各式美式口味的排餐。早餐吃黑猪肉猪扒, 好奢侈! 两份好吃的肉扒套餐花不到 S$16。

在Lee Cafe (Central World分店) 吃晚餐。这里吃的是中式泰菜,将中式口味混入泰菜。

石斑鱼汤加了柠檬汁, 好特别的味道, 汤好喝! 用猪油炒三层肉, 加培根和九层塔去炒, 然后淋在白饭上。我捞饭吃, 泰美味了! 韭菜饺的皮薄香脆, 韭菜太多, 我先生不喜欢吃。

Lee Cafe (Central World分店)
3rd Floor
Open Daily : 11.00-21.00 Tel 0-2646-1838

新加坡友人苏先生在 MBK 开了一家宝石首饰店。从新加坡带了豆沙饼去拜访他, 他送了我们一盒来自台湾的紫玉酥。我买了一对玉耳环, 他还给我特价。

Polo Jade
Mahboonkong Shopping Mall (MBK)
2C - 52/2
Open daily : 11 am to 9 pm