In this season, Barcelona left the last three games did not kick. Luis - Enrique Barcelona career, also left the last three games. So far, Barcelona still did not announce the rookie candidates, assistant gentlemen and Biba coach Barride is the media in the eyes of the two popular. Today, Barcelona is likely to be too procrastinate and lost the temperature Sui. Searle reports that Celta sees Winsoue as the top coach of the next coach.

After the end of the season, Sang Pauli will be the main Argentina. Sevilla issued a letter to Celta coach Berrizzo, and the Andalusian team wanted Berrio to enter the Pis Juan stadium. fifa coins Celta this season, King Cup has been eliminated Real Madrid, the European Cup is scored in the semi-finals. If Berezza entered the main Sevilla, Celta would like to be able to invite to Winther. In the 13/14 season, Wen Suai has served as the number one assistant in the Celtic coaching for a year, when the Serta coach is Louis - Enrique.
In the handsome issue, the Barcelona players and high-level attitude between the larger differences. Barcelona players are more hope that the winner of the temperature, the winner of the Wensoule player in Barcelona had a substitute goalkeeper, in Guardiola and Rijkaard era, the temperature is the Barcelona goalkeeper coach. In the Louis - Enrique era, fifa 18 coins Wen Suai is the number one assistant in Barcelona. Winser and the Bassa players very good relationship, Nei Maer has even suggested to the high-level selection of Windsor. But the biggest weakness of the temperature is the lack of coaching experience. Wensoue only taught in the West B team in the city of Numania a season, and because of poor record and get out of class. Coach experienced Valverde, Barcelona has been the high-level trust, but it did not win the trust of the players.