Does your faithful and joyful effort equal up to what Jesus did for you on the cross?

I am talking about your time, your talent and your treasure. I am talking about church attendance. I am talking about your tithe. I am talking about ministry involvement and being personally engaged in what God wants to do in this church.

I am talking about taking things personally!

That is what thankful people do! Let us all stay current in regard to our gratitude!

Paul says it well in 1st Corinthians 4:2, “It is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.” In other words, those who have been blessed by God must live like it!

When the kids are not listening – be faithful. When the house is a mess – be faithful. When your spouse does not seem to care about your needs – be faithful! When you have more bills to pay then you have money – be faithful. When those you love say hurtful things – be faithful. When someone calls you a nasty name! Be faithful! When someone talks behind your back! Be faithful! When dysfunctional situations drain you dry. Be faithful! When it seems like no one cares! Be faithful! When you are scared to death! Be faithful! When you cannot sleep at night! Be faithful! When you cannot seem to get up in the morning! Be faithful because great is God’s faithfulness!