One of the most compelling reasons that publishers choose FeedBurner is that it gives them the tools to record and analyze how many users are consuming their content. Late last week, we launched an enhancement to our item statistics that enables publishers to get a bit more information about those users. Similar to the feature by the same name in Google Analytics, the "Map Overlay" page provides a breakdown of the previous day's item statistics from a geographic perspective.

For feeds with item stats enabled, clicking on the "Map Overlay" item from will bring you the page. From your AdSense account, click on Manage Ads and then on "View Feed Stats" for the feed whose map you wish to view.

At the top, you'll find a world map visualization that shows countries with more item views as more intense shades of green.

Hovering over a country shows the name of the country and the exact number of item views.

Below the map is a table, which lists the top 25 countries by number of item views.

Hopefully, you will be able to use these data to better tailor content to your readership, and target lackluster markets. If you are one of our publishers who sells your own ads in feeds using Google Ad Manager, this will help you better target your subscribers. Or, just reveling in the world-wide reach of a feed is pretty satisfying too.

And remember, it's important that you follow our instructions to make sure you are directing all your traffic to FeedBurner.

Posted by Greg Kick, FeedBurner Engineering Team