Summer is around the corner annoying us in all ways with the scorching sun. This is the season which greatly bothers everyone about the skin.

Well, the sun rays not only have bad effects to skin but also they prone to health problems.

When we’re continuously exposed to sun’s heat, it causes an illness called Hyperthermia. Basically, a human body can take temperature up to 40 degrees. If the body temperature is beyond the 40 degrees limit, then it’s the root to hyperthermia. Hyperthermia has several stages.

  • Heat syncope –

This is the initial stage and a heads up that the body temperature is increasing. The symptoms are like we start feeling the exhaustion levels because of dehydration.

  • Heat rash –

The skin slowly starts irritating and inflamed. This stage is vastly diagnosed for the sensitive skin people.

  • Heat cramps –

In this stage, the hydration levels and the salt like sodium and potassium levels greatly decrease. This leads to the muscle cramps and less urine output.

  • Heat exhaustion –

This is the next stage of sunstroke if you still are not conscious about your body. Drink more water to not pass into the next stage.

  • Heat stroke/Sunstroke –

This is the severe stage of hyperthermia. In this stage, the person suffers from a blackout, heart problems, urinary problems, skin dryness, headache, fever, and the body stops sweating.

These are the problems which you face when you get overly exposed to sun’s UV rays so ensure to follow the below tips.


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