I remember when I was a child, I used to love to pick dandelions and bring them home to my mom. They were beautiful flowers to me. I've never really understood why so many adults find them so annoying as "weeds" and why they use chemicals to kill them on their lawns. Herbalists consider dandelions to be very valuable, both for culinary uses as well as for medicinal purposes.

A few weeks ago, the dandelions were rampant in the college campus lawn where I work and I stopped to take some quick photos before going into the rest of my day. I smiled as I took them, remembering how it felt as a child to pick them as "flowers" even though I wasn't particularly fond of their smell. I smiled because I was reminded that I have a choice in how I react to them, as I do with all things, situations and people in my life. I appreciate these dandelions because they are beautiful for me, in their vibrant yellow splattering across green grass areas. It's also a lot of fun to blow away the seeds when they reach maturity, too!

In seeing the beauty of dandelions, I'm reminded that I like knowing that I have a choice. We all do. So I don't see dandelions as a weed, but I do see their beauty.  It's just like seeing a glass as half-full versus half-empty, or to having a good day versus complaining your way through a bad one. It's all about the choice that we make and we have total freedom to decide how we experience each moment.  Seeing dandelions as beautiful flowers feels so much better to me than seeing them as weeds. It's important for me to feel good so I'm sticking with my choice!

So I ask you: Do you see the beauty of these flowers (or) do you see a nasty weed?