Woman Playing Tennis

Required Tennis Apparel

When you first start tennis, you need to focus on getting the right equipment. But that does not mean you can’t focus on your wardrobe. Not only is it fun to pick out some new outfits, but wearing the right clothing can also make you more confident and mobile out on the court. The right clothes will move with you and look cute to boot. When putting together your beginner's kit of women’s tennis clothes, be sure to include these essentials.

Tennis Skirts

While dress codes in other areas of life no longer state that women need to stick to skirts, most women wear skirts while playing tennis. You will notice some women wearing shorts or trousers for practice or a match, but most wear tennis skirts for the way they allow your body to move while playing the game. Tennis skirts are specially made for the game with a stretchy fabric that moves with your body as you squat, slide and run, and with technological features such as moisture wicking and antibacterial fabric. Some tennis clubs and matches also require skirts as part of the dress code, so double-check dress codes subscribing to a club. For an alternative to a skirt, you could choose to go with a full tennis dress or a skort that gives you the protection of shorts underneath your skirt.

Tennis Tops

If you opt for a skirt, skort or shorts, you’ll need a top to go with it. You have more selection in women’s tennis clothes with the tops than the bottoms. Choose whichever type feels best to you for moving on the court and not obstructing your strokes. Tank tops and sleeveless polos are available without sleeves to get in the way while cap sleeve shirts only have small sleeves that add to the style. For colder days or  warm up, choose specialty long sleeved shirts.


Numerous accessories are important to have in your tennis bag of tricks. Make sure you have a good pair of specialty tennis shoes because they’ll have more of an impact on your game than your clothing choices. And don’t forget socks with plenty of cushioning! Add a ball clip to your skirt or dress, and wear sweatbands to keep the moisture under control. You might also decide to wear a visor or cap if the sun’s getting in your eyes.


Having the right clothing for the tennis court will help you feel confident and look like you belong. Most of all, clothes made just for tennis provide special features and are designed not to impede your movement, so they help you do your best. With these essentials in your bag, you'll improve your chances of success on the court!