Missing the warm weather? We know what you need. Coconut, the fruit that will make you feel like summer.Coconut is an exotic fruit whose benefits and properties can turn him into a healthy fruit, taken in moderation. We are waiting for the heat when this fruit is more enjoyable, since not only help quench thirst, but to refresh both inside and out.Strawberries are one of them, on which some time ago we learned of what some of its most important properties and benefits.But we can also enjoy this time of the coconut, fruit truly exotic, while delicious, the juice can cool more than one at any time. In fact it is customary in many markets and supermarkets can meet precisely coconut juice canned or packaged, so no need to buy a coconut to enjoy your precious liquid.Coconut benefitsThe benefits of coconut are certainly interesting for healthy people of all ages, especially, and this must be said very clearly, it is consumed occasionally.This is because the diet enriched with an interesting series of nutritious, being a fruit rich in iron and potassium substances, and ultimately those minerals involved in bone mineralization own models, such as calcium, phosphorus or magnesium.Also interesting is their fiber content, which gives the coconut certainly laxative, helping in turn to lower and lower high cholesterol and blood sugar control, also making it ideal for diabetics.As it regards the various vitamins having this fruit stresses vitamin E, as we know, an important antioxidant.However, coconut is a fruit that is not advised for people already suffering from cardiovascular disease to contain a significant amount of saturated fatty acids as well as those who are on a diet for weight control, possessing a high energetic value.It is ideal for example as a dessert for smaller, or for people who are weak.nutritional composition of coconut    Calories: 350 kcal.    Vitamin C (39 mg), B1 (0.06 mg), B2 (0.18 mg).    Minerals: potassium (398 mg), phosphorus (110 mg), calcium (16 mg), iron (4 mg).    Fatty acids: polyunsaturated (1 g), monounsaturated (4 g), saturated fat (53 g).To learn more about the different virtues of coconut in every sense we suggest reading about coconut oil, or how to make coconut milk.