Fall offers plenty of opportunities to make amazing memories with your friends and family, as there are pumpkins to carve, costumes to create, and apples to pick.

Apple picking in Stanhope, NJ, is a tradition for many people. There’s no taste like that of a sweet, fresh fall apple picked right off the tree. They’re the best for baking your favorite dishes.

Here are some of the best apple picking farms in Stanhope, NJ.

Riamede Farms


Riamede Farms is a true New Jersey treasure. It boasts 35 acres of pristine land that opened to the public in 1974—quite possibly the first pick-your-own-apples facility in the state.

What makes Riamede Farms unique are the antique trees that have been growing on the property for generations. These trees produce apples the old way, with red on the side that receives the brunt of the light from the sun. Picking from these old apple trees is a special experience.

There’s also a new orchard that has been planted to offer guests a variety of apple types. This orchard grows semi dwarf and dwarf apple trees that produce multiple types of apples. In all, there are 34 varieties of apples available for the public to pick and enjoy. Each apple has its own unique flavor, from sweet to quite tart. It’s normally difficult for guests to pick a favorite.

This is a peaceful, old-style farm that has no corn maze or extra activities that take the focus off the beauty of the orchards. Apples are within easy reach of small children, and all walkways through the farmlands and orchards are wheelchair accessible.

Stony Hill Farms


Stony Hill Farms is family owned and operated and invites guests to enjoy a maze, fun park, locally grown produce, and pick-your-own apples, among many other fruits and vegetables.

There are several varieties of apples growing at this farm, and every fall the dwarf trees are loaded with delicious fruit. Visiting Stony Hill Farms also gives families the opportunity to pick fresh pumpkins.

There are multiple greenhouses that provide the local area with fresh plants and produce through all four seasons. What makes Stony Hill Farms unique is that this land has been in the family for multiple generations, and each member of the family continues to play their part in caring for the gardens, greenhouses, fields, livestock, and orchards.

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