Written by: ketaki Joshi.
I pity those who suffer from short term memory loss. Almost all do! ALMOST ALL!
People get up in the morning, not knowing what all they saw, experienced in the last 6- 8 hours of their sleep. People dream and forget. How can you allow your time to just drift away, being absolutely oblivious of what your mind was up-to? Don’t you feel like losing yourself for some time?

Your body sleeps, and the only thing that is working, full fledged even then, is your sub conscious mind. I believe mind never sleeps. It works at its best, when the body is resting. When you think with your open eyes it is called pondering, but the same is termed dreaming when asleep. Dreaming is nothing but thinking and so it is of such great importance.

Have you ever tried remembering what you have dreamt last night? Try doing that. May be your dreams might just prove to be the best fortune tellers. What dream you see in the day time is your ambition. What you dream when you are completely asleep is a hint, a hint to what’s for you in future. Most miss out on such hints as they are just so ignorant about it.

For those who don’t believe in this, please don’t read further, cause it probably won’t work for you. It has helped only those who have never doubted the strength of an intuitive mind. You don’t really need an intuitive mind yourself. Very few are lucky to be born with it. However, you surely can develop one. All that you need is to have faith in yourself, and for that faith you need to be acquainted with every corner of your mind, with every minute that you live. You cannot really claim to be well connected with yourself, if you fail to keep a track of those 6- 8 hours. It is a pretty long duration, enough to keep you unaware of your own self.

What you need to do is start talking to yourself. Argue, Counter-argue with your mind over anything and everything. Doesn’t matter even if it is silly. It shall help. A lot of times your body ( that is your brain, conscious mind), and your soul ( that is your sub conscious mind), acts contrary to one another, like two completely different individuals might. That is a sign of a weak mind. It is fine if thinking is contrary initially. It will help you know both sides of the pond.

But actions speak, and they speak aloud.
For the best results it is of utmost importance that the conscious and sub conscious minds are in complete sync with each other, which is hardest to attain but once attained, the combination is dangerously powerful. Start making an effort to recall, where your mind took you, when your body was as good as dead. It might turn out to be a worth cherishing experience. One day, you might just get tuned to the idea and might remember just a part of it, gradually progressing to the entire of it. Keep stretching and forcing your mind to reveal the dark secrets.! The truth! Have the courage to face it. They are YOUR thoughts and they can’t run away from you.

At a slightly later stage, start analyzing what you dream, and why you dream that way. Start linking it to the life that you live when you are awake. If you see no link at all, try concluding how different your dreams can be from the real you. You might just realize how extensive and creative you can think. It needs a great mind to think something entirely new and different. Whatever it is, just be aware of it. Channelize that time and nurture those thoughts. Dreams are constantly talking, trying to convey the hidden messages. Hear them. They are the best guides. Believe me!

Last stage is where you can control your dreams. You decide what to see, what not to. Yes of course you can attain that. I do it and thing happen just the way I choose to dream. Question yourself before sleeping! You will get an answer by morning. People who say, “I’ll sleep over the matter” and have exceeded in life, have probably literally slept over it and succeeded.! Use your dreams to make your fortune.
Please Note: These thoughts are expressed by Ketaki Joshi, a resident of India, who loves blogging. Have a good day.!

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