Looking for a gift for the special baby in your life? If your special little one is becoming more mobile and active, then it’s time to invest in some learning and activity items that will exercise both their muscles and their brain. These types of items are loved by moms, because it allows you to have a few minutes to finish a household chore while the baby is engrossed in something else. These are some of our favourite ideas.

  • Books - As your baby gets older, his or her attention will stay longer and your child can never have too many books. Since they are young, stick to easy board books with colourful characters from Sesame Street or Dr. Seuss that will make them squeal in delight.

  • Stacking toys - This is another toy that will thrill babies as they see colourful rings or shapes fit into the next size. The pieces are strong and durable for little fingers as they play with them, stack them, and of course knock it over.

  • Blocks and Lego’s - Both Duplo Lego’s and wooden blocks are perfect for developing fine and gross motor skills. Some babies can handle the pieces as young as nine or ten months old, where others can’t until almost a year old. However for younger babies, half the fun is knocking over the tower you just built and laughing.

  • Musical Instruments - Older babies and toddlers are fascinated with noisemakers, and while you can buy some of the modern electronic toys, sometimes the classic ones are best. Consider giving an old-fashioned xylophone or a child’s play drum so he can learn beats and music at a young age.

  • Bath toys - Hopefully by now, your baby enjoys bath time and splashing in the tub. If that is the case, consider investing in more interactive bath toys.  Rubber duckies are fine, but try adding some actual balls, some trucks, or even bath book that allows them to be more active in the water. You can find a beautiful and huge range of baby gifts, including bath toys and other activity toys.

  • Swing/Jumper - At the beginning, your baby may love her swing to keep her entertained while you are busy, but once she becomes more mobile, that won’t work so well. That’s when it’s time to upgrade to a jumper, which allows her to bounce or jump to different music or even just interact with toys on the bar. In turn, you get a few minutes to tidy up a room or eat your lunch.

  • Walking and push toy - Times have evolved since only having a few plastic push toys to choose from and you now have a plethora of options. You can even opt for new options that help your baby go from sitting to standing to walking and include many hi-tech gadgets. But if you prefer, you may still choose a “mowing” or “vacuuming “ push toy, as well as the plastic shopping cart style.

These are just some ideas that are perfect for babies. Keep in mind these beginning years are imperative so the more exposure they get to learning toys and books, the better.