I am about to have my daily morning drink. No, not coffee. I quick blend 1 cup of soy milk, 1 cup of Stoneyfield Farm organic yogurt, 1 scoop of "The Feast Supercharged", 1 scoop of "Beyond Berries" and 1 scoop of "Vegetein™" and I'm on my way. It takes about 5min. to prepare and clean up and it tastes great! It satisfies my 6'5" 300lb. appetite satisfied for 4 hours! I just drink water.

Some days I will do two or three of these in a day. Sometimes I substitute water for the soy milk and fresh or frozen organic fruit for the yogurt. This drink is low fat, high in live enzymes, probiotics, fulvic minerals, protein, high quality carbohydrates and packed with antioxidants. One of these drinks alone has the recommended daily ORAC value. It's a great drink for the kids before school, especially the picky eaters! Just substitute "The Feast" for "The Feast Supercharged" and only the "Beyond Berries" if anyone is allergic to nuts.

When fasting I just use water, "The Feast", "The Feast Supercharged", "Beyond Berries" and "Vegetein". I drink 4-7 of them a day for one to seven days. I do a 3 Day fast for the first three days of each month. I feel great at 52 and it helps me control my weight.

Try some of these yourself. I pick up organic soy milk at the market or at Costco. I get my "Feast", "Feast Supercharged", "Beyond Berries" and "Vegetein" from Uri International at:


Grace and Peace,