With the arrival of summer everyone wants to look their best and what’s better than fighting the hot summer days by drinking a delicious all natural shake.  The satisfying shakes are as healthy as healthy snacks, in addition to satisfying, they are diuretics, easy to digest and very refreshing. The satisfying shakes and they are as healthy as healthy snacks, in addition to satisfying, they are diuretics, easy to digest and very refreshing. The satisfying shakes (especially the cold ones), can be ideal for people who, at this very stage in their lives are on a diet and are trying their best to maintain the body weight. These shakes are a high intake of fiber and water.   Here are some delicious shakes ideas: • Strawberry-yogurt. • Shake orange and carrot. • Shake cucumber and pepper. • Strawberry-Banana. • Strawberry-Banana: this smoothie as well as being rich in micronutrients is a source of good quality protein to be made from milk. It is notable for the presence of vitamin C derivative Strawberry well as own mineral wealth in bananas and milk that we provide potassium, magnesium and calcium. A tasty milkshake with a little more calories than the previous ones but certainly with great taste and healthy nourish ideal for summer freshness. • cucumber juice with carrot and celery: what stands out in this juice is undoubtedly its great moisturizing power, as both cucumber and celery are great sources of water and electrolytes to replenish what we lose with sweat. It is also a great source of carotenoids by having carrots, vegetable star about it that will help us achieve a healthy tan this time of year. • Shake bananas with lemon: a combination of sugars ripe banana, with minerals and vitamin C from lemon juice combined with antioxidants that offers us the mint flavor well, we can get with this shake sports drink and refreshing for summer. Of course, among the highlights nutrients potassium and between vitamins, ascorbic acid named above that will help us strengthen defenses, protect our body from free oxygen radicals and prevent skin aging. Juices and smoothies as well as being ideal for summer for its high water content are easy to prepare, and are a different way to include fruits and vegetables to your diet, taking them best vitamins and minerals to nourish the body. In midsummer we all feel fresh and tasty drink that not only allows us to mitigate squid thirst and heat, but also to offer us good nutrients for the body. • peach and pear juice: the combination of these two fruits not only offers a juice rich in water and with great sweetness, but also gives us a lot of potassium which helps to maintain fluid balance, magnesium and vitamin C and carotenes Peach derivatives that will help us protect the health of the skin to sun exposure. • apple and kiwi smoothie: This smoothie and present a nice refreshing taste, offers lots of fiber and is a great source of vitamin C with antioxidant function in the body. Furthermore, the combination of apple and kiwi potassium reinforces the contribution of this smoothie helping to maintain the water balance in the body, which is essential for summer.