You have a Shopify store, don’t you? I know that you already installed many apps on it as well. Given that there are tons of choices available, you might have missed a few important ones.
In this article, I am throwing the light at the five best Shopify apps you must use to skyrocket your sales. Without further ado, let’s get into the core of the post.
Best Shopify Apps to Boost Your Sales
I have handpicked five of the important Shopify apps. You can find them below.
#1. AfterShip
It is your responsibility to track all your shipments. You will lose a potential customer if he/she doesn’t get the product even after spending the money.
AfterShip comes to your rescue here. What it does is adding a one-stop place for more than 250 courier companies. You can track the shipments in bulk without leaving your Shopify dashboard.
The app supports 335+ countries. Moreover, it has the feature to notify the users about the progress of the shipment.
#2. Better Coupon Box
Social proof is an important factor in digital marketing. If your social media channels have a significant amount of followers, your visitors will not find it difficult to believe in your store’s authority.
In order to increase the number of social media followers or newsletter subscribers, you can offer the visitors an exclusive coupon. Better Coupon Box can display a small popup displaying the discount code they can use on check out after following you on the social media.
#3. Oberlo
Not everyone can run an ecommerce store as it’s impossible for some to manage the shipping and orders. Guess what? You can enter dropshipping (a technique used to resell products).
Oberlo is a Shopify app that helps you make your store eligible for dropshipping. It links your store with AliExpress so that you can order the products directly from there and pay them. You won’t have to bear the pain of shipment.
#4. Quick Facebook Livechat
You can integrate a dedicated livechat app onto your Shopify store. But it’s not always possible for you to be online. What this extension does is showing a Facebook chat box on your store.
Provided you may frequently go online on Facebook, you will not find it difficult to manage the customer queries from three. The app is available for free to use.
#5. Bulk Discounts
Bulk Discounts is an app you can use to import tons of discount codes into your Shopify store. It even helps you create discount codes in bulk as well.
The app has analytic features to track the conversion rate of each discount set. Using the same, you can go with the trend and eliminate the ones with the least conversion.
Wrapping Up
You have got five of the best Shopify apps to boost your sales now. What do you think? Which is the best one do you like?
Are you afraid to start a Shopify store with the prejudice that you should be a product owner? No, you shouldn’t be. Just use the limitless possibilities of dropshipping.