Since it’s inception, Social media networks have become a daily staple of online life. Did you know that 30% of all time spent online is now allocated to social media interaction? Facebook alone has over 2 billion users, over half of which access the site daily. One simply cannot afford to ignore the potential reach of these networks. Managing an account helps you pinpoint your potential sales from the average user and focus on who will purchase from your business. Also note that for Search Engine Marketing purposes, social media signals do not affect page rank. However,  SEM efforts will suffer without capitalizing on the social media signals search engines factor into domain authority.

Before you go dumpstering certain social media accounts, ask yourself some tough questions:

Where is my audience?

Does your ideal client primarily use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Perhaps they are more likely to seek answers on Quora or Linkedin. Wherever they commune, you must follow them there. Understand that your audience may be spread between more than one platform and that you will have to focus efforts across both platforms for maximum ROI.

How are they engaged (active)? 

To find out what kinds of posts your target audience is active on, delve into their social media feed or post history. The content you should focus on is the type you see them sharing or reposting. You will find that what catches their attention often is not a 100% keyword match, but a relevant niche topic. For example: potential clients for your landscaping business may post “home gardening tips” or an article on “how to get rid of slugs on your tomatoes.”

How do I pique their interest?

Now that we have researched the audiences feed history for tips on engagement, let’s make some even better content. Focus your content specifically around niches that had the highest response (most likes, shares or comments) Base your campaigns around these trends and adjust based what converts the most.

On average, it takes about 40 impressions for one click, so build your list of subscribers by asking your userbase to share your content. As they share, your audience grows. Don’t be afraid to add incentive for sharing your content by rewarding shares/follows with giveaways or coupons. Keep it simple and tailor the content to get the maximum reaction.

Social Media Big Hitters  

Facebook: Most daily users, easiest to reach large diverse audience. Great set of tools to help new promoters.

Twitter - Excellent for building brand loyalty. Lightweight and  keeps audience engaged. High likelihood of content being shared.

Linked in - Professional business network. Easily contact other business owners, forge beneficial business partnerships.

Google Plus - Part of the overall google algorithm, combines with other factors for good signal - builds recognition and authority of online presence

Youtube - Often used to distribute informative videos, high engagement, easy for prospect to absorb.

Instagram - Based entirely on imagery, attention grabbing, high engagement, high conversion rate.

Niche Social Media Networks - Perfect for getting deep within your demographic. A large part of successful Social Media Campaign is getting to know what people respond to. Doing the research in these niche channels will open your eyes and inspire you to push the envelope on engaging content. Tumblr, Reddit, and Stumbleupon are great places to start but you can get even more specific. Like for beer lovers:, or for Manly Content:, or for Book Lovers: If there's a market for it, there's a social media platform to share about it.


Facebook is by far the most powerful social media platform, and cannot be ignored. Linkedin is perfect for making professional contacts which are the most powerful and lucrative contacts. Twitter and Instagram are great for making impressions. Look at Wendy’s Twitter snarky personality or how each Starbucks Instagram photos elicits a desire for the product. Make the best use of each networks strengths to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns. Get out there and good luck!