Imagine it’s Friday night, you are trying to get all dolled up. You are going through your whole wardrobe but can’t find anything that matches or really fits well. Yet, you see women everywhere from the streets to the office and during your night outs, who appear effortlessly style wherever they go. Sounds familiar? It happens to even the fanciest of us. This is the same struggle many women have. A misconception which is often found is that styling is based only on how good your clothes are, which is not true. Styling goes way beyond just clothing, it includes your complexion, your hair texture and its color, your height, your body shape, and then comes the clothing and make-up which you should carry according to all the other mentioned attributes. So what really is the difference between a woman who looks good in any clothes and the one who doesn’t? It’s just that these women know how to style themselves, while many have a little lesser idea. All over the internet, we are coaxed into the idea of dressing like the other women who look good, but even that does not fit on the average woman because of particular individual reasons. Seeing that, it’s pretty much clear that everyone can’t dress in an identical manner. As mentioned earlier, it depends on your own personality and type of body you have. These are some tips and advice for styling which women of any age wished they knew, and if you don’t know already, here are some tips which matter the most:  


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  1. Remember your precise size: Always keep a close eye on what your size and shape is because everybody measures different at different stages of their life. For instance, if you are skinny and tall, a simple sweatshirt with skinny jeans will do justice to your body, while if you have an hourglass shaped body you would want to wear a T-shirt that fits and is cinched at the waist along with a fitted stretchy cotton pant.


  1. Spend your money wisely on the bras which really fit: Always get a bra which is perfect for you, not the one which looks perfect. You might have seen a number of outfits on women which look good but could have looked even better without the strap lines, back fat and sunken shoulders if they’d worn the perfect size of the bra.


  1. Choose your colors wisely: Got a brown or dark complexion? Wear bright or light colors. Got a light complexion? Wear darker deeper colors. Simple as that, but it’s just a quick helping tip to make it easier. Don’t follow the trends blindly if you don’t fit right in it. Get the color contrasting or matching perfectly with your skin color. Set your colors and silhouettes such that they fit perfectly and stick to that.


  1. Know how much skin to show strategically: Looking beautifully sexy involves the amount of skin being showed and how much is kept under the wraps. It’s a simple strategy which works on all kinds of clothes that you buy. If you’re showing cleavage, don’t show your legs too much. And if it’s the legs you’re trying to show, make sure to be covered more on the top.


  1. A scarf can completely change how you look: A scarf is ultimately the most classic and exotic accessory according to the women we know and who style very well. It is suggested to keep it in your purse all the time. You would like to have a whole different look of the same T-shirt and a Jeans you’re wearing? Try throwing on a scarf around your neck with or without a knot and you’ll see what a huge difference it makes.


  1. Keep your closet simple: If you can think of everything you need which will match your personality from the mentioned advice, then you’re ready to fill in your closet. But keep it simple, don’t get everything which you like and fits you. Only get those, which are necessary for the time, and keeping in mind, the weather. Don’t get a leather jacket in summers just because it looks good on you. You might fill your closet with a lot of good things in which you fit beautifully, but will get confused every time you open it.

‘Styling’ always depends on how you look, given your nature and physique. And if we truly follow the rules we make for ourselves and not what the trends make for us, we all won’t be confused and can look perfect and unique, which we already are.