New MacBook Pro 2016 launched by Apple at a Mac Event in 2016 which comes with a new Touch Bar which changes the way you use Mac. The Touch Bar is sensitive touchscreen panel above the keyboard on the new MacBook Pro 2016 and is capable of performing various tasks which include answering your iPhone or a FaceTime call from the keyboard itself.

If you have recently bought yourself MacBook Pro 2016 and planning to use the new Touch Bar, here are some best Touch Bar Apps for MacBook 2016 which you should install. Touch Bar supports the default apps of the new MacBook Pro. Have you safeguarded your MacBook Pro with best sleeves for MacBook Pro 2016?

Best Touch Bar Apps For MacBook Pro 2016

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe has updated Photoshop app to support the new Touch Bar of MacBook Pro. You can use Touch Bar to access layer properties, brushes and favorites. Using Touch Bar you will be able to change the brush color, size, and brightness of an image. However, Touch Bar support in Photoshop is currently a technology preview feature so there may be few issues.

Adobe Photoshop can be downloaded for $19.99/month.

2. djay Pro

djay Pro app was demonstrated by Apple at the Mac event and has won the Design Award 2016  by Apple. The app lets you scratch and mix tracks, create loops, and apply filters and other things using the Touch Bar.

You can download djay Pro for Mac for $39.99.

3. 1Password

Keep your usernames, passwords and other valuable information safe and secure with 1Password. TouchID support for 1Password means that you can now use your fingerprint to access your stored passwords. You need to manually enable Touch ID support from  1Password’s Security Preferences.With Touch Bar, you will be able to add new sites, switch between vaults with ease.

1Password is available for a download for $64.99.

4. Spark

The spark which is one of the best email clients for Mac now supports Touch Bar. With Touch Bar support of Spark on your MacBook Pro, you will be able to Reply/Reply All your emails, Snooze, Move to folder, Pin, and a lot more things by a single tap.

Spark can be downloaded for free for Mac.

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5. Coda 

Coda is one of the most powerful apps for web developers which comes with various features which include automatic tag closing, automatic indentation, shifting of codes and more. If you have Coda for iOS with AirPreview feature you can use your iPhone, and iPad to Preview pages when you code on your MacBook.

Coda 2 has been added with Touch Bar support which lets you switch between editor and preview, add comments, jump a line, insert hex colors from the Touch Bar and perform other tasks.

Download Coda 2 for Mac at $99.

6. PacBar

Those you enjoy playing Pac-Man, play Pac-man on your MacBook Pro Touch Bar with this app. PacBar app developed by Henry Franks is an easy game like Pac-man, you will have to use arrow keys to control Pac-man.

The game is available for a free download and worth trying on your new MacBook Pro 2016.

7. TouchSwitcher 

TouchSwitcher is a free Touch Bar app that lets switch between open tabs on your MacBook Pro easily and fast. No need to press Command+Tab just tap on the TouchSwitcher icon on the Touch Bar and select the app which you want to switch to. TouchSwitcher has made multitasking easy on the new MacBook Pro.

Above mentioned are some best Touch Bar apps for your MacBook Pro. Have you tried any of these Touch Bar apps on MacBook Pro? If you are aware of other Touch Bar apps feel free to comment below!