Photo Credit: IFC

Any Netflix fan would love to be hired as a 'tagger.'  (Someone who pens and personalizes specific categories featured on the Netflix.)  Where else are you going to see rather detailed headers such as Campy Mad Scientist Movies, Fight The System 60s Movies, Understated Independent Workplace Movies, or Cerebral Russian Dramas?  I've generated my own precise classifications based on some of the best TV shows on Netflix.

Best Cringe-Worthy Comedies
Peep Show
The Office (UK)

Best Coming-Of-Age TV Show That Depicts What High School Was Actually Like
Freaks and Geeks

Best TV Comedies That Start Off Strong But Unfortunately Can't Maintain Momentum 
How I Met Your Mother
The Office (US)
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia 
Best TV Comedies With the Most Amount of Laughs Per Second
30 Rock
Arrested Development
For Twilight Zone Fans Who Want a Futuristic Replica
Black Mirror

Netflix Originals Actually Worth Your Time
Master of None
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
For Netflix Users That Reside in Portland, Brooklyn, Austin or Seattle 
Twin Peaks

For Fans of Stand Up Comedy and Independent Cinema
Best TV Dramas To Ensure Bragging Rights
Mad Men
Breaking Bad
Feel-Good Small-Town TV Shows
Parks and Recreation 
Gilmore Girls

Best TV Adult Cartoon for People Who Don't Watch TV Adult Cartoons
Bob's Burgers
What do you think are the best shows on Netflix?