How to destroy a site.  Just in case you're wondering, because most blogging trick posts cover the best way to grow your site.  I am doing something a bit different.Well, one thing is for specific.  I actually learn the best way to kill a website, besides the rest of the things I Have recently been performing for years.  I did another factor which may not be the most effective thought.& Nbsp; When you've been blogging underneath the exact same url for seven years, shifting it's most definitely the kiss of death.  Why would anyone change from one site spot to a different spot that is site anyhow?  Changing from an area that is site To a dotcom, nbsp; In The Event you've not already turn out like gangbusters with your domain name to begin at some stage, after you get your blogging legs you change to the dot.& nicely that completely is practical in the weblog world these days com.  You employ anyone that will help you make the change, and there's a redirect and all of the matters which are designed to help reduce your fall in traffic.  Or so I Have learned.

I went from site place to blog area because having a website name that did not match my url h-AS teased me.  Constantly.  When I first began blogging, I decided becauseeverybodyhasastory because it was accessible, and it appeared to to match what I was performing at the time.  Simply telling my tale, which I nevertheless am.  Then I shifted my site name four times.  Prepared for this?  Frugalista Marriage, became Frugalista Wed; s O uncomfortable, became Pink Sun Shine, became Mahogany Drive.  I really believed Pink Sun Shine was the one, but I hesitated to change the url because nicely...what if it had been not?  Additionally, I did not need the hassle and I stressed that I'd lose any difficult attained follower I ever had.  Properly, Mahogany Generate is 100% most definitely the last closing name eternally and ever.  I know this for certain, also it absolutely was tolerable at first that The url did not fit until it was not.  Until I could not quit thinking about how basically ever determined to tell anybody I understand what my site name really is I, and it was way, much too also extended needed it to be only one thing, s O 1 day I altered it to  Afterward I considered, oh possibly I I ought to have let folks know prior to the aged url and every touch of my site vanishes.& Nbsp; Occasionally I forget that we now have folks around who may really enjoy my site and might ponder if it had been gone or they never got any upgrades that are new following a while.  I could recover the url to incorporate an upgraded url post and that really was all I could do.

As a site area blogger it is simple enough to modify your website name a million instances should you would like to.  All your hyperlinks stay intact.  No Body must upgrade their news aggregators.  Google understands the switch rather Since, and fast the url H AS altered there's no absolute break in traffic.  Changing your uniform resource locator yet, is still another story, and I understood I 'd to do it anyhow, whilst I was believing that I I may regret it, because it had been teasing me and I could not leave properly enough alone.  I am quite certain that half the visitors I was acquiring was spam-bots anyhow, s O due to that having a new url is like a new start.  It is additionally a fresh start for folks reading your site that will be good and not great in exactly the same time.  I determine, they will upgrade their readers whenever they enjoy my site, should they they do not then who wants 'em Anyhow correct?  In this web world where figures are every thing I was acquiring a amounts increase from followers who do not read, but again, who wants 'em anyhow?  I 'm perhaps not a blogger for cash, therefore traffic is and should be another issue, but damn it sucks that when I google my own website name it will not show up on the first page like it utilized to.  Bummer.  I can say I weblog for me all I Need (and I do), but I'd be lying to myself if I said I did not need somebody to read it.

So do not I need my own domain name?  This may seem extremely strange, but I 've this vision of something occurring to me.  Anything poor, where I 'm overly preoccupied with something or where I am not good Terrible to think about the expiration of my domain.  I miss the deadline to revive and my whole site vanishes.  Or, when I die, perhaps a little morbid, but c'mon we all understand it is going to occur, and do not pay that invoice my whole site vanishes.  Actually, I do not even understand if that is how it works, but with a site area I do not have to worry about that.  I do nothing twelvemonth after year and this site is here.  I do not have to be completely responsible for hosting problems.  Every year individuals who do not benefit from their website or do not blog as much as they used to have to think to I actually need to pay for another year of my domain name?  I do not need to have that believed every year.  I blog a little or a lot, pay nothing, and my site is here.&nbsp ; I do not have to do anything, and I do not have to rationalize the disbursement or wonder if it's truly "worth" it.  I recall when bloggers first began saying that having your own domain name makes you appear more professional.   I was that blogger believing...for what?  Why do I need to appear professional?  Why do I want business cards, a newsletter, and a media kit?  Well, now I understand.   Blogging has turned into a money making empire for some.  Having your own domain name allegedly helps increase traffic and Search Engine Optimization and all of those other things that I 've largely blown off. !

So I inquired myself.  What would make me happy despite all of the trouble and hassle that goes along with it?  The response was changing my uniform resource locator, and so I did.  Anything I ever linked on twitter, or Pinterest is dead.  Any links I 've ever set within my weblog posts is dead.  I upgraded a few links on Pinterest, and in some string posts and recent posts, but I've released 726 posts so I'm-not gonna get 'em all.  Bloglovin' was simple enough to change without perturbation, but anyone who ever got upgrades in site reader or any other readers I do not  understand around WOn't. !

As far as google is concerned this site does not even exist anymore, but you know what?  My site isn't dead to me.  Hello out there, I am still here I am simply a website area blogger.  I do not make money, I do not get free items, and I do not have a gazillion followers.  I also do not have to fake  Scotchbrite's new disposable toilet scrubber has completely altered my life.  I do show up here to write things because I love to write other items s O I Will simply keep doing that.

Hello out there, I am nevertheless here.