Much against my better judgement I rose from under the bed and took my frail and freezing cold hulk down to the museum.  Claiming she had gone deaf, no surprise to anyone who has spoken to  her, she has called off the Thursday afternoon.  As little occurs at this time she will be happy enough to be at home in the warm reading rubbish wimmens novels.  
As expected nothing happened.  Two persons entered, two called via the telephone and I opened a box of books connected with the new exhibition.  A full afternoons work.  
The town has a half day/early closing on Thursdays and the place gets very quiet in the afternoon as people tend to stay away, even Tesco was quiet when I went for milk.  In a weeks time however the new exhibition will draw in the 'art' types who will flock to see what is on show.  Already around 80 are expected at the official opening, probably to avoid having to avoid paying when they come to visit the exhibition.   Some pics have gone up but still much to do to set out the show, I am doing my bit - I am clearing off out of the way!
A pathetic attempt at catching the dying sun on my wee camera.  This camera is not made for more than snaps rather than pictures.  Still it took the one of the tree quite well.  Maybe it's the photographer...
Tomorrow is the day the USA begins to wonder if it has done the right thing.  Tomorrow is the day the rest of the world begins to wonder in similar fashion.  We can of course remember that US presidents, for all their power, are in fact limited by so many 'checks & balances' that all too often anything they attempt is hampered by Congress or some Lobby group or other.  Even the UK system is better than what Americans have to endure.  
Tomorrow Mr Trump is allowed to know what no-one bar the president gets to know (so who tells him and how do they know it?) he also gets to carry the code for the nuclear button!

However we need not worry about this as his pal Putin is not in any danger of creating a war, although he might invade Poland, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Czech republic and Hungary and all the rest but he and Donald will not exchange nuclear missiles over them will they?  
meanwhile Mrs Theresa May is going flat out for broke, which is what the nation will be when she has finished.  Only last year she spoke of our strength and economic power being safe only in the EU now she realises her new job and its important powers depend on keeping the right wing little englanders in her party happy and she is not going to lose her new job because of economic collapse and a few hungry people is she?  What with Boris (this man is our foreign secretary!) comparing the French president to Nazis she has one less opponent to fear but others will arise just as clearly as Boris will do something stupid again.  
Normal politics really.  Up there in Elite Land they make their decisions and we don't count until they need us to vote for them.  Propaganda spewed out daily through the gutter press (which the Tories own) and a compliant BBC will be used in any referendum or against those seeking a referendum.  It never ceases to surprise me how the messages are passed by a ' free Press!'  The elite continue to prosper and it is the 'poor wot gets the blame.'