Ah, the happy Hull and Roseville family o' pottery above... You folks would just not believe the good fortune I had in the past week in finding some of these little lovelies!
I had found the Hull bow style cornucopia on the right below when I was antiquing with my buddy Josette over the Fourth of July holiday...

It had been on the floor, of all places-- easily kicked, I feared-- in the first booth of an antique mall. I almost hesitated to look at the price, because bow style Hull pottery is crazy expensive. Only the price reflected a piece that was carelessly placed on the floor and not prized, so I had it in my hands in about three seconds flat.

But the real treasure chest came along with the Hull waterlily piece on the left above. And that's where a stop at an antique mall I almost had decided not to even check out presented me with more Hull and Roseville options that I even knew what to do with. And at prices, well-- I actually thought I was reading it wrong when I saw the waterlily vase and this blue and pink wildflower vase below were $15 a piece.

 $150, I figured. $15, not so much. Then there was this gorgeous Roseville bleeding heart vase...

Admittedly, this one has a repair on the top, but the price more than reflected that. Plus, where it sits, no one but an NBA player would ever see. I just loved the look of it.

I also got this (blurry, sorry) other Roseville piece. This one's in perfect condition.

Anyway, I walked away with four pieces in a cardboard box, feeling like I was Indiana Jones having just found some amazing ancient temple of treasure. There were even others, but I didn't care for the look of them so much. It was very strange to be able to pick and choose of items I normally can't touch with a ten-foot barge pole.

Here's wishing you all find the coming weekend full of favorite things, friends, family, food and even some fun finds. Cheers!