I know some people are very traditional and want to keep their baby's sex a surprise until birth, but we're basically the opposite of that. For us after waiting months and months {16 months this time} to conceive in the first place, the thought of having to wait another 9 months to find out the sex of our baby just feels like self-imposed punishment. As far as we're concerned we don't need anymore surprises, for us knowing the sex is pretty much the only thing we can be in control of throughout the whole process of making a baby. And once you've been through the uncertainty of infertility, being able to control one tiny aspect becomes even more paramount. I get that we aren't really in control of it though, i.e. we have no hand in choosing the sex, but just knowing the outcome of something within this process is extremely reassuring.
So, for those reasons, as soon as we found out we were finally pregnant the first conversation we had was "we're finding out the sex right?", which was met with a resounding YES from both of us. 
As soon as I got pregnant I instantly thought I was having a boy. The same thing happened last time, although I think last time I subconsciously told myself I was having a boy to lessen the shock {incase it really was a boy} because deep down I really wanted a girl. However, 2 weeks before we were due for our scan I had an overwhelming feeling we were having a girl and it turns out we were. This time around it honestly didn't bother me what we were having, in fact I started to warm to the idea of having a boy as it meant we'd have one of each if this ends up being our last baby. However, once again about 2 weeks out from our scan date I started having an overwhelming feeling it was another girl. I'm starting to think it might be some kind of in built mothers intuition.
At our scan our little bean was being extremely uncooperative and wouldn't stop flipping around {literally doing 360's} every time the ultrasound tech tried to take measurements. It also had it's legs crossed most of the time and kept grabbing it's feet so was bunched up completely. Funnily enough all this cheeky behaviour and restlessness made me think it might actually be a boy, but eventually she opened her legs for a fleeting moment and we found out we're having another baby girl.

It turns out bub is going to get the baby sister she was longing for after all, although at first she wasn't too pleased with the result. When we first told her she spent a good ten minutes whinging and yelling at us that it was a baby brother not a baby sister, but she's since come around. She now calls her baby doll a baby sister like the baby in mummy's tummy and when we ask her what's in mummy's tummy she says a baby sister. I'm so excited that she's going to have a sister because I never had one and always wished I had. It's going to be so fun watching them grow up together.