It’s near the end of a very full day for me here on the south coast of Jamaica.  I drove east to have lunch in Treasure Beach with some German friends, then west to Belmont to have a drink with a fellow Canadian who lives and works in Negril.

Once all my linkups were finished I headed “home” to Black River.  When I say “home” I mean that this is where all of my summer attire and other business dealings now reside.  It is my headquarters.  I couldn’t wait to finish my red pea soup so I could do this blog post!

That gigantic structure is the guest house I’ve been dropping hints to you about for the last couple of weeks.  I am officially one of two partners in this amazing place and it is now my job of making it your next stop in Jamaica!  Look closely at the top right corner of the house and you might see me up there in my own room…..loving my life!

The story of how all this came together is pretty interesting.  Over the last three years or so I’ve been driving by this house every time I came and went from Black River and I always wondered who the heck lives in that monster!  I figured it MUST have some kind of plantation history or at least a huge family living inside.  Fast forward to three years later and meeting lots of new people as I usually do, I was invited to a stranger’s house for a group dinner.  Well can you imagine my surprise when I was directed to this house for the dinner?  And can you further imagine my surprise to find out that only ONE person lived there?

blessings guest house

The people who brought me to this house for dinner had already mentioned to the guy who lives there that if he ever wanted to do something with this house that I am the person he should know.  And it’s funny because the first time I walked into the house I hoped with all my heart that whoever owns the place would magically hand it over to me to turn into a guest house.  Over time and MUCH communication with him we realized we both wanted the same thing  and that’s how Blessings Guest House was born.  It was a match made in heaven!

As the sign on the gate says, it really is a blessing!  It’s also a running comedy because we’ve had a lot of fun planning all of this.  In the last few months while I was in Canada we were running endless Whatsapp voice note conversations to plan everything.  And now that I’m actually here we still Whatsapp each other from opposite ends of the house to communicate LOL!

Yes it’s that big.  There’s an echo in here and we need to fill it with humans!

So without further delay, you can now check out the website I’ve put together for Blessings Guest House!  As of today the site is a bit of a work in progress but all the pertinent information is there.  I’ll be working on spicing it up and adding lots of info about the area, tours, and excursions.  I’ll also be creating a Facebook page for it shortly so you can stay updated.

Check out the website HERE and please, if you have any feedback or questions….ask away!