Boxing Day dawned bright and too early for most.  The silence was audible as few cars moved, people failed to wander past and only an occasional dog walker was noted wrapped up against the unwelcome chill.  Few raced to the kitchen for a full English breakfast, coffee aplenty and lots of fizzy drinks for many being the rescue service desired.  
I add at this point that I had cereal and tea....

This!  This is the offerings from my loved ones.  Peggy, she who must be obeyed especially regarding music to be played at work, gave me the mug.  Why I ask?  My most attractive and highly intelligent niece offered me the others.  What are these wimmen trying to say?  I may return to the 'Highland Park' that my other most attractive and highly intelligent niece apparently was responsible for giving me but she has not admitted it yet.  

I came across this picture online but the ownership was not clear.  There can be no doubt it's one of you, could you please hold your hand up...? 

This father and son have worked out the best way to ensure there is 'Peace on earth' at Christmas!
It is possible this may catch on....

I wandered out to get some cold air and was surprised at how many local shops were open.  There appeared to be few persons making use of them and I wonder if they will make any profit after they have covered the overheads?  John Lewis, one of the biggest and best stores, remained closed today as always and will no doubt not feel any loss.  The online side still works of course and folks will probably sit surrounded by masses of new gifts less than 24 hours old chasing bargains via the laptop.  I must admit I browsed Amazon while considering my Book tokens and look forward to whatever I will select.  

Now I am off to finish yesterdays leftovers.  I had my Christmas dinner in the freezer and as usual I forgot to check what I was doing.  When I removed said Ducks breasts, or were they geese I forget, anyway I found they needed to defrost before cooking!  Typical!  However I had another source of meat in reserve for today's lunch that I made use off yesterday, this leavings will have to feed me tonight, I will avoid another Christmas Pudding, however these Tesco ones though rather large that and Brandy Butter is however tempting innit...?