So now that the hoopla of Christmas is over and I have time to sit down, the thought of Boxing Day popped into my head.  Today is Boxing Day and I chuckled a little out loud at the play on words.  You’re probably wondering, “What play on words?”   Well….since I’ve now had the little piece of time I needed for some finishing touches I thought I’d unveil my awesome new little business I’ve just started up in Jamaica!

The fact that today is Boxing day is a little coincidental since I’m now up to my ying-yang in BOXES!  They are my new business!

jamrock in a box

Jamrock In A Box has been a long time in the making, from concept to reality.  I’ve kept a lid on it for some obvious reasons….I needed to make sure the concept was viable and that I had everything in place first.  For those of you who noticed that I went to Jamaica FOUR times in 2016 and only went back to Canada in December because it was Christmas – this was mostly the reason.  Okay, this and the sun tan factor.

jamrock in a box

So what the heck is it?  It’s the official Jamaica starter kit! 

You guys know me well….I’m a sucker for details in the hospitality and tourism industry.  This simple fact blazes through in my brutally honest reviews, right?  If an accommodation or service is amazing I give it a glowing review and if it’s not amazing I still review it and tell the truth.  We all know that customer / guest service in Jamaica can be less than stellar at times.  So I created a way for the ones who WANT to go the extra mile, to go the extra mile!

Having said that, even though you (the average Jamaica tourist) are the end recipient of this gift box my target market in my new business is the tourism providers.  Hotels, villas, tour guides and all other hospitality providers are who this box is really for.  It gives them a way to truly give back to their guests.  It’s a PROPER THANK YOU for booking with them, because every tourist has a million choices in who they can book with.  You’re doing THEM a favor by booking with them, right?

Now tell you me you wouldn’t be giddy with excitement if this was waiting inside your hotel room for you.  Or if your airport transport / tour guide handed this to you right out of the gate just because you booked with them.  Wouldn’t you kind of fall over with gratitude simply because it’s thoughtful and unexpected?  Wouldn’t you be a hundred times more likely to tell all your peeps to book with them when they plan their next trip to Jamaica simply because they understand the concept of guest appreciation?

jamrock in a box

Anyway, there you have it.  A glimpse at what I’m doing in Jamaica from now until the sand on the beach swallows me whole.  Picture me hunched over in a room packing box after box and then making deliveries to the hospitality providers who DO care about customer service and pleasing their guests.  My marketing expedition in November/December was VERY well received so I’m off to the races!

So if you are a hospitality provider reading this, or you’re a Jamaica traveler who knows an amazing hospitality provider who SHOULD know about this, visit the website Jamrock In A Box for more information and ordering details.

Also, please follow the Jamrock In A Box journey on social media and encourage your favorite hotels, villas and tour guides to do the same.

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