What better way to show your significant other how much you love him/her than to start with a rich breakfast on Valentine's morning.  This recipe is very easy, delicious, and filled morning energy and love. It is French toast. INGREDIENTS: • 10 slices of bread. • 2 eggs. • Half cup of milk. • Cinnamon or powdered sugar. • Butter. • We can add fruits like strawberries, blueberries or any favorite fruit that you like to eat in the mornings.   PROCEDURE: • In a bowl toss the two eggs and half a cup of milk. • We beat and introduce the bread lightly into the mix. (Because if not we may be damaged) • Heat the pan and we put butter. • Fry the toast until browned on both sides. • Finally sprinkle cinnamon or powdered sugar over them. • We can serve on a wooden stick or direct to plate, fruit, nuts, jam, honey, coffee or juice. SincerelyNuts offers a list of products such as dried fruits and nuts of excellent quality and good price plus the most delicious and varied chocolates we hope all of you visit our site to make your orders in time for that important day that you will share with the love of your life, your friends or family. Happy Valentine’s Day!