"Auburn Nights" 16 x 20 Oil on canvas, available @ https://carol-allen-anfinsen.pixels.com 
Neatness has its drawbacks. I find that “out of sight, out of mind” is what happens when I over-organize. Items or projects that have deadlines also must be near at hand and visible forcing me to critique them often, and to make necessary changes when ideas are fresh on my mind. 

If my schedule doesn’t permit, I at least make a note or use white charcoal to highlight the adjustments on canvas. Knowing where your gear is stashed away is another matter. When I sell something, I want to know exactly where my weigh scale is and my packing materials so my turn-around time is cut short.

Having a specific place for drawing papers, pencils, markers and charcoal makes it easier to capture an idea before it gets away instead of wasting precious moments scrounging for the things you need.

These same tools will assist you when you want to make quick edits or adjustments on a painting. If you are forced into hunting for the right object, you may forget what you were going to change in the first place.
"Fall in Apple Valley" (MN) acrylic on silk, available @ https://carol-allen-anfinsen.pixels.com 
Everyone has their own unique way of working. The important thing is to keep working. I find I’m a little rusty after summer travel and vacations, plus this past year ill health impaired my ability to keep doing the things I love. I’m hoping it’s like riding a bicycle, but it’s not. Practice is the byword that keeps those brush strokes fresh and intuitive. 

Now I’m playing “catch up.” Plus I’ve always believed in going that extra mile. Using the best products to create and then adding in something special makes satisfied customers smile which turns them into repeat buyers.
Painting by Julie Paschkis
One of my favorite artists and authors is Julie Paschkis. She knows all about going beyond what is required. She once took a Spanish class in order to illustrate a book for Spanish speaking children. Words are used as design tools to enhance the learning experience. 
Her artwork is so joyful it literally jumps off the page. 

You’ll enjoy her web site:  https://juliepaschkis.com/

A video allows you to meet the artist as she shares her work: