I have been busy visiting the needy elderly community to bring some festive cheer to them. A friend roped me in to help her, we have to go door-to-door to check on their health and distribute shopping vouchers. I have a list of elderly people to visit and have to finish the visitations by the end of this year.

In between I have to prepare for my Christmas Eve dinner party and Christmas Day tea party, so it was an extremely busy fortnight for me. I hardly have time to post on my blog.

I have to visit a whole block of apartments by myself and I was quite anxious initially. I had a briefing on the "Dos and Don'ts" before my volunteering work. It wasn't easy gaining the trust of these senior citizens.

I meet many senior citizens and hear many sad stories ..... it becomes quite depressing hearing these day after day, but I have to complete my list of people to visit. I salute my friends who are social workers. They have been serving these people for many years, bringing hope and joy to the needy.

The senior citizens are very nice to me after I gain their trust. Despite having very little to offer, they kindly made me hot drinks or give me snacks. They were happy to receive the shopping vouchers.

On Thursday, I came across a very depressing scene that made me tear and had to call it a day because I was so emotionally overwhelmed.

I came across this senior citizen who was blind in one eye, walks with difficulty and cannot speak coherently. His tiny apartment was sparse, there was a thin mattress and cardboard that he would sleep on for the whole day.

After much asking and probing, I was horrified to discover that he eats only one meal for five days a week - a volunteer would send him food on working days (Mondays to Fridays). He has no meals on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

I asked him what he would like to eat and he said, "Teh C (Milk tea)". He is a Hainanese. He doesn't want rice, cooking oil, instant noodles and coffee. I couldn't see any cooking stove in his apartment. He said he could boil water.

I hurried down to the nearest neighbourhood mini mart and bought him some biscuits, bread and 3-in-1 milk tea. His face lit up upon receiving these (luxuries to him), and he quickly stored them away.

These would probably last for a week while I seek more assistance for him.  

For the coming new year, show kindness and concern to those who are weak, poor, underprivileged and handicapped.

佳节时期, 一些乐龄人士被人们遗忘并忽略。有位朋友邀请我帮忙在这佳节时期为乐龄人士送上关爱和佳节欢乐。我有一份名单, 得一一上门去探望社区独居老人们, 查看他们的健康状况, 再给他们派送一些礼卷, 送上佳节的祝福。

这两个星期接触的独居老人们, 个个都有心酸的故事。每天听这些伤心事, 我自己也觉得很难过。不过为了赶在年尾完成我手上的名单, 我不得不咬紧牙根, 硬撑下去。

我向社会工作者们致敬。 他们多年来一直为这些人服务,为有需要的人带来希望和欢乐。

令我很难过的是 : 有一个乐龄人士, 他一只眼睛瞎了, 走路有困难,口齿不清。他小小的政府组屋里, 地上有一个薄薄张的床垫和纸板,他会睡一整天。

经过我多次询问,我惊骇地发现,他每周只吃五餐 - 由义工在工作日(星期一至星期五)送饭给他吃。星期六,星期日和公众假期他就没有饭吃。

我问他想吃什么? 他回答 : 茶稀。(他是海南人。)

我赶紧去附近的杂货店买了饼干, 面包和3合1茶包送他。他高高兴兴的收下我的好意, 小心翼翼地把食品藏好。这些食品对他可是奢侈品。