We were suppose to go to Bush garden last year but it got cancelled because  of  the kennel's cancellation that was suppose to board our dogs at the last minute.  So this year, it was one of our main destinations during our road trip and mini vacation in Williamsburg Virginia.  We went there on July 8, the day after  our daughter's birthday.  The place does not open until 9 but we went there very early after we ate breakfast at Denny's.  
Busch Gardens offers fun for the whole family, from world-class roller coasters, rides, and slides to character appearances, shows, and animal interactions, you name it.  You can take the summer of thrills quiz to find out whether you are a Scream Seeker or more of a Junior Looper.  My daughter definitely belong to a scream seeker while I am on the other  option lol.     I love that that they have  kid-friendly online  tips on things to do in the parks and ride suggestions.  They are planning to have the  InvadR™, their very  first wooden roller coaster that will come in  in 2017.

Busch Gardens offers hidden adventure from every angle.

When we went to  the Waterworld USA  the day before, we were told by the admission  agent that military can avail discount  when going to  Busch Gardens so we were like "cool!"  So when we  asked for a discount  in BG,  the lady told us that  you have to buy  the tickets online to avail the discount.  Hmmmn, it doesn't make sense to me because  anyone can say   they are  military member online and they have to  way of checking it.  Military discount should be given  at the  admission booth so they can ask for military ID as proof.  But we didn't argue since that was  their rules.  I just find it odd that they do it that way.

Anyway, it was a great decision to go there early because  the line was just starting when we came.

I love the entrance, it's very  colorful and filled with  plants and flowers.

I have no idea what this cute building is for but we didn't tried to look around there.  We just went directly to the park as the kids were excited to see what's there to ride and see.

I am always behond them as I try to capture  different things.

I love  how they incorporated  France, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, England, and  Italy into the parks theme.

We get to feel like we were in a different country as we explored the park.

I am not sure if  I want to go back there again though.  As beautiful as it is, amusement park is not really for me.  It's fun for the kids that's why we go  but for me, I would rather  go to a place wqhere it's not crowded like the Jamestown Beach  or the quite and beautiful Waller Mills Park that we visited.  But while  the kids are into amusement park, we can still go.  Maybe when they are a little  older we can just visit a relaxing place and chill.